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17 December, 2013

Tips & Tricks


Many people are bothered about killing live lobsters right before cooking them. Some cookbooks recommend plunging live lobsters into rapidly boiling salted water while others claim that for baked or broiled lobster, the spinal column should be severed.

There are a number of different ways to prepare a lobster. One option is to hold it down firmly on a cutting board and plunge the tip of a chef’s knife into the head before cooking it.

If you are squeamish about killing and cutting a lobster in half from its live state, bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil, plunge the lobsters head first into the water, cover the pot and cook for two minutes. Lobsters are then boiled for approximately five to six minutes per pound.

If you are uncomfortable with both approaches, another method is to place the lobster on a rack in the bottom of a pan filled with tap water and gradually bring the water to 104 degrees. Although the water feels almost lukewarm, the lobsters cannot normally tolerate more than 98 degrees, and will go limp, expiring with minimal stress or pain. Once they go limp, they are dead. If you plan to boil them, raise the water rapidly to the boiling point. If they are to be baked or broiled, remove the lobsters, split them and proceed with your recipe.

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